How to Complete the Perfect Makeup Look

Pretty young woman applying make up with a brush

First and foremost make sure that your skin does not appear dry at all. Weather changes like the cold seasons the skin always appear so dry since no sweat is being emitted by the skin. Drinking water is one way to make sure that your skin is moist and not that much dry. Coffee, tea or any other drink that is not pure cold water cannot be substituted with water so as to moisten your skin for a good make up attachment.  They all serve different purposes in these body and no way will other drinks other than water make your skin moist.

A moist skin will enable make ups to attach well to your outer skin layer and make you feel good and confident. Having enough sleep and eating clean and healthy diet is also a contributing factor to an effective make up tip.

Attractive lips make ups will even build your confidence and self esteem . You cannot ignore color in applying lipstick whether by choice or by default. Your color and the size of your lips are also a factor to consider very much.  In other words it will depend on your facial out look and also the dress code. By this I mean the color about your dress and the type of clothe you want to wear whether official or casual wear.

If you chance to be dark skinned  do not go dark colored lipstick because it will not appear attractive get a red one now. Get the matching colors between your facial make up that is the lipstick so that you may appear more better and smart.  However, it will also depend on the occasion you are attending because if it is ceremonial you should go with dark colored clothes so as to match your lipstick also get a another well colored lipstick.  Get more info.


The disturbances around the eyes is very technical in applying eye make up.  It is very easy  to have your mascara and eyeliner  drawn well. In eye make up do not use a mirror try get an expert to make you well since may not be able to serve yourself well.


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